Chalet Lagettaz, Evolène, Suisse La Forclaz

Route de Ferpecle 18
1985 La Forclaz VS

+41.76.732 69 72

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Chalet Lagettaz, Evolène, Suisse La Forclaz

A HIDDEN GEM. The Chalet Lagettaz is located at the southern end of the village of La Forclaz towards Ferpècle, in a very quiet area with stunning views of the Dent Blanche and the surrounding peaks


  • Welcome to the chale... ... (Area)

    Whether you're coming for a week of immersion into the Swiss Alps, want to reconnect with mother Nature, or looking for the ideal comfy spot to recover from your daily mountaineering expeditions, Chalet Lagettaz is the perfect match! Check our blog for latest updates or contact us!  

  • Amenities (Area)

    At the Chalet lagettaz, you will find all you need during your stay! The kitchen is modernly, fully equipped, including large fridge and freezer, dish washer, vitroceramic cooking set, coffee machine and boiler, and all dishes or bottle-opener you might look for. fells just like home!

  • Rooms (Area)

    Each room contains warm bed sheets, individual dressing, and is perfectly isolated to keep you warm in this cocoon.

  • Balcony (Area)

    Enjoy a panoramic view over the peaks, the valley, and the surrondings thanks to our long terrace!

  • Dent blanche (Punto)

    The Dent Blanche is the highest peak around (4357m!) and attracts hundreds of mountain fans each year! Don't worry, you can also simply enjoy the view :-)

  • Ski dent blanche (Punto)

    When Gilles the skier skies down from the summit. Fasten your seat belts

  • Bathrooms (Area)

    A gigantic bath thumb with a big shower upstairs. Small rest rooms downstairs. What else?

  • Contact us (Punto)

    We are at your disposal for any query you might have. Do not hesitate to drop a message. We'll be pleased to respond.