EGBOK, Krong Siem Reap, Cambodia Krong Siem Reap

0142, Group 5, Pave Road, Wat Damnak Village Salakomreouk Commune, Siem Reap District
17254 Krong Siem Reap Siem Reap Province

+855 97 952 0425

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EGBOK, Krong Siem Reap, Cambodia Krong Siem Reap

EGBOK envisions a Cambodian community where everyone has equal opportunities and has the independence and ability to shape one's own life. Thanks to your support, we have impacted the lives of hundreds of deserving students, their families, and their communities.


  • Welcome to spoons, a... ... (Ingurua)

    Opened in November 2016, Spoons café is located right in front of our EGBOK Learning Centre, on the leafy Bamboo Street; alongside other popular establishments (e.g. Bambu Stage)

  • Egbok story panels (Puntua)

    Spoons serves as a training facility and multipurpose space for the students to gain hands-on experience in their one year hospitality education at EGBOK. Although Spoons is new, it actually sits on the previous garden of EGBOK Learning Centre, which started its education program back in 2009.

  • Bamboo pavilion (Puntua)

    Our pavilion and various other café fixtures are built out of bamboo sustainably harvested from Mondulkiri province in eastern Cambodia. It serves as a model for environmentally conscious and sustainable construction, in light of Cambodia’s increasing deforestation rate.

  • Spoons kitchen (Puntua)

    Besides our front-service area, the kitchen is also a training facility where our Cambodian culinary team trains and mentors the EGBOK cooking students.   HERB GARDEN   You’ll also notice basil, peppermint, lemongrass, etc, growing in our beautiful bamboo herb garden, which we use them in our dishes and drinks!

  • Outdoor classroom (Puntua)

    This classroom lined with lovely hanging vines is a place where the students are inspired by visiting Cambodian guest speakers.   Our Distinguished Speaker Series opens up the opportunity for the students to learn from Cambodian hospitality leaders from similar backgrounds who act as role models for them.

  • Study hall & library (Puntua)

    Students gather here for classes and various recreational activities. Our alumni also often visit the school and utilize this space to relax and interact with current students, fulfilling our dreams of building a strong EGBOK community!   This Study Hall & Library was made possible by the Kellogg School of Management at The Northwestern University

  • Recreational area (Puntua)

    Students gather here every morning for their morning assembly and briefing.   This is also where the students play volleyball (a very popular sport in Cambodia!) and relax at the end of the school day.   This Recreational Area was made possible by the Witty family.

  • Outdoor area (Puntua)

    We often incorporate participatory methods into our classes, and encourage the students to learn and support each other in groups.   From here you’ll see Spoons basked in a golden hue during sunset, and its bamboo architecture beautifully lit during dinner service.

  • Computer lab (Puntua)

    Since most of the students have not used computers before, our IT classes starts at the very fundamental and continues on to teaching them how to do independent research, managing emails, preparing CVs, etc.   These computers are donated by Taipei American School

  • Hospitality training... ... (Puntua)

    Located on the attic of the Learning Center, this mock-up hotel room is where the students learn about various housekeeping tasks e.g. setting a neat and welcoming bed!   In order to ensure every student has a learning opportunity, the students are often divided into 2 groups and rotate through various classes during the school day.   The hospitality training suite was made possible by Ratna Kartadjoemena & Pandu Sjahrir.

  • Spoons multipurpose... ... (Puntua)

    True to the vision & purpose of Spoons, the students acquire new hospitality knowledge in this space and apply it often in the same week during lunch and dinner service at the cafe. We also have our student socials and birthday celebrations here!   This Multipurpose Space was made possible by the Catmull family.